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Bidding with us is not only fun but it's also very easy and seriously addicting! Just follow these simple steps to get started on your way to buying the items you want!

Sign and Buy Bids

Registration is completely Free! Register today and we'll give you 5 free bids to try My Charity Bids risk free. We're so sure you'll see just how the possibilities are endless on 

Select Products

Select the BRAND NEW products you like by using our super fast search and category search to get started.

Place Bids

Bidding is easy. Find the item your interested in and click BID. This will ad this to the clock allowing other interested bidders to place a bid. Or if you'd rather not worry about checking every day you can use the fast and simple AUTO BID feature! Simply input when you would like bidding to start in the "from" box, then enter the number of bids you're willing to place on this particular item in the "#BIDS" box. as other users bid you will automatically bid until either the auction ends or your max number of bids are placed. If your the last one left when the clock runs out. You're the winner.  Don't forget to stock up on bids before you get started!

Win Items

Winning on is easy. No matter what you participate in, we've got you covered! From winning the auction. 

Bidding with is not only fun but it’s also very easy and seriously addicting! Just follow these simple steps to get started on your way to buying the items you want!

1. Register

If you want to bid on those items you’ve always wanted and get a sweet deal, you´ll need to register first. Registration is free and very easy. After you register, you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to click the link in this email to confirm the set-up of your account. Register for free and get -5- free bids!

2. Buy Bids
Each bid costs just 1 credit. You may purchase “Bid Packs” of 20, 30, 50, 250, and 500. accepts multiple payment methods, including: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Your bids are stored in your Bids Account. Register for free and get -5- free bids!

3. Choose Products
We have mind-blowing deals every day on!  What auction are you interested in?  A Vacation, a brand new Gas Scooters, Kids ATV or maybe a Gift Card? Look through our many exciting categories, decide what you want and start bidding! Register for free and get -5- free bids!

4. Place bids to win!
Click on the 'Bid' button to place a bid. Each time you place a bid, deducts one bid from your Bids Account, and we add time to the clock. We add time to allow for other users who might want to win an auction item have an opportunity to place a bid. If you are the last bidder when the timer reaches zero, YOU WIN! is the only entertainment auction site you can win goods for next to nothing and get rewarded for it. We have designed our site to function under "pay per bid" feature. Just as if your present at a live auction, the term going, going gone. The same method applies on My Charity Bids but in the form of a count down timer.  Below, a list of our most popular bidding and auctions features that can only be found on